Architectural Form Faces Urbanization

Architectural Form Faces Urbanization
Manfredo Tafuri and the Tel Aviv - Jaffa City Center Competition
Prof. Tulay Atak

“Beginning with an overlooked essay by Manfredo Tafuri—“Critical Rationalism and New Utopianism: Competition for Restructuring Tel Aviv–Jaffa City Center"—this project explores the architectural responses to urbanization in the 1960s contexts of Italy and Israel. Focusing on competitions that Tafuri was involved in either as a critic or as part of a design team, including the Quartiere Cepalle Barene di San Giuliano in Mestre, Turin City Center, and the Tel Aviv–Jaffa City Center competitions, the project documents how architects imagined the future of the city, especially new city centers and transitional zones, by considering the formal operations of architecture at the scale of the city. By means of historical analysis, the project critically articulates the notions of imageability, ‘citta territorio,’ and public and civic space as prominent concerns of architecture and urbanism, while providing a genealogy of urban interventions that include architectural attempts to respond to things bigger than buildings.
From the Graham Foundation Webpage